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Ashley Nicole <3
I'm 17 & from ohio! i am a professinal model for captured moments photography. i'm also a professinal singer. i have a little brother named erik who is 5! i blow my candles out on july 10th! i'm currently single!! & i'm a senior in high school! i love music, my favriote band is for today but i'm additced to Drake!! <3
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15 & Fearless!
this is in memory of my boyfriend who passed away 3 years ago. he was not just my boyfriend but my best friend. the world dosen't turn the same anymore. the last words you said to the wrold were "tell mom & dad i'm sorry & tell ashley i love her & i'm sorry." I know your waiting in hevane for me! I love you Timmothy Stephen Hibbler! <3 my timmothy was 16 years old & full of life! he was outgoing & didnt know a stranger.. we met an a chior event. it was all day & he was fom the school nahboring mine. i told one of my friends from is school he was cute & they told him what i said & he asked me for my number. we tetxed all day & i was soooooo happy. we had our concertlater that night & i had gotten all pretty :) he told me i was stunning! i had never heard that before. he made me blush. after the concert he said "What would you do if i kissed you right now?" my reply "was your not going to!" & then he KISSED me! it was my first kiss. & i'll never forget it.. i loved him dearly. we dated off & on from that day for 3 years.. we were together at the time he got killed. it was so hard to cope with.. it's been 3 years now & i haven't gottenover it i have just become numb to it - Photography Backgrounds

Quotes by ashleynicole10

You know i'd fall apart wuthout you.
I don't know how you do what you do.
Cause everything that don't make sense about me,
Makes snese when i'm with you.
Like everything that's green boy.
I need you!
Cause it's more then 1 and 1 make 2.
So, put aside that math & the logic of it.
Gotta know you want it too!
I wanna wrap you up
Wanna kiss your lips
i wanna make you feel wanted.
& I wanna call you mine.
Wanna hold your hand forever
& never let you forget it,
Baby i wanna make you feel wanted.
Anyone can tell you your pretty
You get that all the time
Boy, i know you do.
But your beauty is deeper then the makeup
& i wanna show you what i see tonight.
As good as you make me feel
i wanna make you feel better
Better then your fairytales
Better then your best dreams
Your more then everything i need!
Your everything i've ever wanted.
-Hunter Easton Hayes-

Before you make more promises, learn the meaning of
Forever! </3

Today is three years since my boyfriend & best friend passed away.. RIP TImmy i love & miss you! </32
R.I.P. Douggy Tacket! )': you will never be forgoten! )': love you </3

When you stop chasing the wrong things, is when you give the rifht things a chance to catch you! <3

Just got suprised with a dozen YELLOW ROSES!! :)
Just talked to my mother & found out that my grandfather who has alzhimers knows who everyone is for the first time in 3 months!! <3

& No matter what they say, i'm not over you! </3

if this Quote gets to a top Qoute i'll try out for american idol again!! <3 come on ppl like it!!
Nothing more to say,
Nothing left to break.
I keep reaching out,
hoping you will stay!
Nothing more to give,
Nothing left to take.
I keep reaching out for you,
As you turn away.