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I'm like all of you on here, Just another girl where my life is full of lies and drama and heartbreaks. I can't trust anyone or anything, nobody listens to me and nobody cares, so right when i get home, i click on internet and right on my home page is "" this is my life, this is where i go for advice, not even my best friend, here.

Quotes by ashleysayys

Today, I got a little taste of hope.

My bus driver stopped me while I was getting off the bus and asked why I had never smiled once this year.

Of all people, it was him and only him.

Thank you. You made me want to keep fighting.


 I briefly considered getting car insurance, before realizing that i didn't want to deal with it at the moment.
Then i had some trail mix.

So everyone is Like, "That mood where everything is HILARIOUS", yeah it's called, YOUR HIGH.

We used to talk till 3am, Now i'm lucky to get a hello..</3 

So, Today i wore no make up to school, for the first time since 7th grade, i asked my friend if i looked good, and he goes "yes of course, but most of all, you don't look fake like everyone else."
 "She fears if she cries that first tear, the tears will not stop raining down"


Pretty Little Liars <3



To all the Heartbroken witty girls,
2011 is almost here, i say we all make a new years resolution not to cry over guys, not to fall to fast, not to pick out the wrong guys and not to deal with anyones bullshit, and just to remember, Everyone on witty is here for you, even if you think there not. <3