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Whliksummer #1:

no more awkward moments looking like a loner while you wait for your friends at the lunch table

i love summer
but i love seeing him at
school even more

 like if you feel the same way♥ 

i wish...our love could be as simple as this quote.

Got on witty today and expected:
Thankyou soo much everybody! i love you guys!<3


When she

cancels a date

She has to.

But when he

cancels a date

He has two. 

Why do Americans choose from just 


people to run for president and 


for Ms. America?
tisk tisk tisk society.

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The 3 main reasons why I'm not Popular :

1. I don't do drugs
2.  I havent had $ex
3. I'm not pretty enough
therefore they don't talk to me


9 year old me:
"...i guess i'll fake like I'm happy for a little while...."

6 years later and I'm still doing just that.


Doctor :

You have a sleeping disorder

Well it's not my fault 
I can't stop thinking about him