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Quotes by asianmayonnaise

you know that mood you get in sometimes where you are just in love with drinking water

Having 3 friends is a lot of work
when people compliment me

it's like wow

are you being for real

like bless you and your family

i hope all your dreams come true

Me: *Looks at pictures from 6th grade*
Me: *Jumps out window*

There was this one time when I accidentally typed in "" instead of "" and it took me to some random webpage and I was in sheer panic for like two minutes thinking that witty was gone and there was no more witty and my life was ruined forever and everything I had ever dreamed of was down the drain it was gone everything was gone my hopes dreams everything like do you even realize

omg doesn't even mean "oh my God" anymore, it just means omg

"I have no followers"
said the popular girl with 64375603 followers

sometimes I wonder how I got so funny but then I remember I'm the only one who finds me funny
Me: I'm gonna watch some TV
Mom: I'm gonna vacuum every square inch of this house
Me: *Does 10 crunches*
Me: So this is how I die