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Hello beautiful.

My name is Jessica. 15. I am currently a Freshmen in high school. I blow out my candles on June 16th. I'm the youngest child of my lovely family of four. 

I'm pretty much enjoying life.
I guess you want to know a little bit more about me?

I absoutley love my Family. Yes, I fight with them all day long. Everyday. Most of them time  ALL of them time I want to rip my hair out being around them. But they come number 1 one in my life. They are always here for me. I wouldn't trade them for the world. Muah. Love you guys. 

What is almost as important (or just the same) is my friend's. I would seriously be nowhere with you guys right now. I'd be at rock bottom. I love you guys so much, you have no idea. 

You make me the happiest girl alive. I can be 100% comfortable around you. Were so strong, we'll go far together. You make me laugh til I cry. And put the biggest smile on my face, I look like an idiot but I don't care. But I love you, a lot. Your the sweetest guy ever. 

We've almost been going out for 4 months. Let's keep it up. 
Your my sister. Forever my best friend , I swear.
 Your  adorable. I love you brother. I miss you alot..Okay. I don't know what happened with us but were so distant. I miss you buddy.
Your absoutley my best guy friend. I love you. No doubt. Were close , like no other. I hate how I can't come to you anymore. I truely hope your happy with everything. 
Words can't desribe how sweet you are. Your just so cute. I love you , were getting close. I love it. 
Your absoutley stunning. Don't let a soul tell you different. Your a good friend , all the way. 
Your so funny, Oh my god. But I already love you. Your gorgeous.
Your my other Danielle. Your a sweetheart. I love you blondie. 
I miss you dearly girl. I'm glad we can be friend's again. But not nearly as close as we were young. We go way back.
Your so stunning. It's so unbelievable. I miss you though. A lot. Now we have our ups and downs. I hope you still like me. 
Your not even anything like me. But your such a great girl. Your face is so God damn pretty. Seriously. Love you. 
You crack me up. Not even kidding. I love it. Let's seriously talk more. Your personality is amazing.
I can't even..Oh my god. I don't have any clue why I put you so far down. I love you. Your like my brother. Even beyond that. I trust you with my life.
Awh. Hi. Your so quiet in a cute way. I love you kid.
I love calling you that. Your so freaking adorable. Your so small. Were not even as close as I'd like to be. What..come into my life more.
Why is our relationship a flipping rollar coaster. I hate that. But I love you. No matter what. I miss talking everyday and hanging out.
Your so pretty. Don't even get me started with your eye-lashes. Your gorg. I'm jealous. I want to be better friend's.
Were not even that close. I feel so obligated to put you in here though. Your my main buddy in gym. Your naturally stunning. Your funny as hell.
Your so sweet. I don't think you can be mean if you tried. Not even one bit. I love you bud.
Oh god. I honestly had the biggest crush on you still, for the longest time. I couldn't get over it. It's killing me just typing this. Where do I even begin. I love you , then I hate you. I have no idea anymore. But I still miss you everyday. It hurt's when I have to see you. And completely ignore you. I'm crushed. I want to cry. But I've moved on now, and so have you. Still miss you. 

Well. I don't honestly know where to begin, but I don't even know why I hated you for the longest time. I guess it's whatever. I hope your doing good.


Oh , Na. Na. Na. 

Okay , wrapping thing's up. I'm very judgemental. And I admit that. But when you really think about it. Everyone is. I don't mean to be. Or I don't mean to come off as a bitch. Get to know me..I promise you I'm one of the sweetest girl's ever. I'm sweet , and everything nice. 

My favorite color is 

I'm a really outgoing person, just don't piss me off       


Country music is my life
Judge me 

"I wanna wrap you up, want :::to call you mine"

I'm a really outgoing person. Just don't piss me off.

I realized I need to start appreaciting what I have more often. I feel spoiled most of the time. 

Best things in life.
Country music.
Hunter Hayes.
Mean girlz is mii life. 
Being with 'him'
Jenna Marbles
Bubble baths.
New clothes.

Hold on, pain ends*

If anyone out there ever needs advice or friend. I'm here. Just to let you know. 

What comes around, goes around like a hula hoop




Quotes by asmileonmyface

Short Girl Problems #2
Everyone is taller than you. Even 10 year olds. 

Short Girl Problems #1
Even when you buy "short" jeans, their still too long. 

Accomplishing tasks 

Before the microwave timer goes off

My boyfriend was eager to meet my mom, despite my various protests. I pulled into the parking lot of the cemetery where's she's buried, expecting him to completely freak out. When we approached her grave, he sat down, said hello, and talked with her an hour about how lucky he is to have me. 



I don't need no presents boy

your'e everything I wanted.



has the right idea

vsit people once  a year

I wanna know what goes through a guy's mind

 When he starts falling for a


People are so greedy

Person: I can't believe my mom got me the black Ipad! I wanted the white one. Wtf!

Me: Well, I got some cool socks and a blanket.


When I was younger

Mom: Go to your room!


Mom: Get out of your room!


Mom: Hey sweetie, can I use your laptop?
Me: Yeah sure. 
Mom: *Opens laptop*
Mom: What is witty profiles?
Me: *Panics*
Me: *Runs over to laptop*
Me: *Grabs laptop*
Me: You didn't see anything.
Me: *Runs upstairs*