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Quotes by audreylovesyou

I had a dream about you last night...
We were on a date.
And I was happy.
And you were happy.
And you finally realized that I'm the girl for you.
I love how I'm more excited for the new Pretty Little Liars episode tonight then I was Christmas Eve. 
anyone else?
There should be a law that
All bathrooms need to be soundproof.

is a word of devastation this year.

 Between the disaster of Hurricane Sandy & the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school, Sandy is a becoming more and more painful to say.

Please pray for anyone who has suffered with either of these tragedies.

RIP beautifuls <3 NMF/ MQ 

I fave a quote, not because i like it,
but because i kinow it will
Make Someone Happy.

Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes concert was tonight. it was amazing. enough said. 

I ALWAYS eat the folded ones first. 




People arinstantly 10cooler
If they don't go to my school.


format by kalliefornia

& then saying, 'This is why I'm


I wish I had a friendship like
Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily from 

Pretty Little Liars

You know, without the murderer and their friends stalking me.