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Hey the name is Autumn-Lynn.


Birthday is sept 4
i love my friends & family.
listen to alot of Country
&lil wayne<3
i am your basic girl,
laughing,smiling, & sometimes crying.
I have a guy i wouldn't change in the world<3
& as you see i'll take pictures just about anywhere(:
i can be completely random at times,
but that's just me & i love it.
You wanna know something,
   just get at me!?

Quotes by autumnloveesyou

Any boyfriend can tell you they love you & hold your hand & call you whenever, but a real boyfriend takes the time to call you to tell you "goodmorning beautiful, i love you" & "goodnight gorgeous, i love you & sweet dreams", he'll hold your hand in public & when it's just you two, he'll tell you I love you, even when he should be doing something else. A realy boyfriend will make it clear to you that your his one & only<3

;; sorry its not all pretty but not all beautiful things are colored. some of the worldeat most beautiful things are black an white. 

He wants to show me he can protect me, kiss me by surprise, hold me when its needed, that he can laugh with me, and plans to make me fall for him more than I already have, but promises to be there to catch me. & most importantly to remind me numerous times a day that he loves me♥
To be compared even the slightest bit to another,
i'd have to be like them, but i'm not.
I live my life outside the box not trapped in it like others♥
It's funny how we think we're in love all the time,
but really love is just a game. You find the right guy, you hope,
he cheats with an ex & suddenly your so numb you either leave him or you don't know what to do. Well one thing most of us do is cry & eat ourselfs to death, Others take the time to show they are stronger than you want them to be only to go home and break down were no one can see them♥
I'm a girl thats good a lot of things,
but when it comes to talking about whats on my mind,
why i'm upset, or anything to do with my emotions..
i'll shut down faster than anything & become silent,
ive been hurt to many times to just open up
about all that stuff♥
My walls are slowly coming down,
all because you came along
&started stealing my heart

sorry it's not pretty, don't really know how to do all the stuff..

I'm not perfect & i've never claimed to be,
I mess up alot & sorry to say but i can't help it,
but really who in the right mind thinks they are perfect.
No one is to a "T" perfect, we all have flaws,
& some bad habit. Well I'm here to say
that if you can't except me for me,
that means all my flaws,problems & etc,
then why bother with me.
One thing i'm positive of though dude,

is i'm PERFECTLY IMPERFECT so deal with it♥
he's not perfect, but i can promise
you he loves me, cares about me,
knows when i'm upset/hurt,
holds me when he needs & even when he wants.
But he lets me know even when

he's mad & upset w me that he
loves me and no what everything will be ok
"baby you amaze me, 
your the frist girl to wake up still in my arms, 
the only one to make me cry, and the only one 
to ever make me feel the way i do. 

I hope this isn't a dream"-Ronnie Thomas

Most amazing boyfriend in the world.
no matter how much hell we put eachother through.