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made the best wish. I Dont regret it



I turned on the radio
Stupid song made me think of you...
--------------- ---------------

 Beh i nd   every  sweet  sm i l e

There is a bitter saddness

That no one can ever see and feel



We all have that one friend who

only seems to be your friend

when its conveinent for them.

format by sandrasaurus

Everyone has a  weakness

you just happen to be min

Blind - Ke$ha

That awkward moment when you

see 9 year olds in a relationship

and your still single...


Dear November,  please go fast.

Im ready for Christmas break.

        Sincerely, every student <3                                                

 Life would be better if
Girls had mute buttons, guys had edit buttons,

bad times 
had fast forward buttons,and good

times had pause 


I just want you for my own
more than you could ever know
make my wish come true
Baby all i want for chrsitmas, is you 


 I suffer from

girlnextdooritis where 

the guy is friends with

u and thats it