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Quotes by deleted*

Attention All Wittians!
I know that many of you out there post quotes about your depression, about your self harm, about your suicidal urges.
You are now being treated like a second class Wittian, having your quotes hidden from feeds, only to be viewed on your profile. 
This started about a week ago. 
In response, I vote we create a Black Parade. 
We need to tell Steve that this is wrong. 
That we want our right to have all our quotes viewed, back. 
So contact him on Tumblr (
Email him! (
Comment on his profile! (
Let him know that you don't appreciate being treated like this, and you refused to stand for it!
Your depression doesn't make you less valuable, to the world, or to this website. 
I still love you. And you deserve to be heard, to be seen.
And if you march with me, I must say. 
Welcome to the Black Parade.

                                                                                                  Founder: ChangeBeautyLove

why do i feel as if i want to die


May your feet serve you well and the rest be sent to hell
Where they always have belonged, cold hearts brew colder songs
Fate will weigh us out with a song of pure romance
Stomp your feet and clap your hands


im un-motivated
im depressed
im stressed
im stupid
im ugly
im fat

im going down and theres no stop until i hit the bottom


it's not worth it.


i hate myself.

sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words will rip my skin apart


if i'm ulgy and you know it clap your hands
*whole world claps hands resulting in massive earthquake killing thousands*

i sit here a wonder
"does anyone really care about me?"


depression sucks