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My name is Simone, i am so in love with witty!! I'm still working on perfecting my quotes so... bare with me, thanks more fan art up soon (:

Amazingg Fan Art!!

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If you're going to be aŴáññäßë   
                                  make sure you "
Ŵáññäßë" something great                 
And i wonder if he will ever
love me back
So there's this thing called Love
and i wonder if he will ever love me back </3

plain n simple ill do something 2 it 2morrow :)
Think Outside
▐                                                           ▐
▐                                                           ▐
▐                        hi                                ▐
▐                                                           ▐
The partially seperated
rectangular box
Yeah, I'm from Owl City
Don't you hate it when:
someone starts talking to you
and they never shut up??
Don't you hate it when:
you have a chance with the guy of your dreams, but then someone else gets to him first??
Don't you hate it when:
people at your lunch table decide to make halloween plans with each other right in front of you but don't invite you??