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Quotes by awesomenessandahalf

I haven't been here properly in over a year
so hello
i just came to say
if you have a crush
dont give up on them
because its been two years

but I finally got mine

[granted there were other crushes inbetween but now he's back and the feeling is finally mutual]

me:*eats quavers*
me:mum do you want some
mum:no thanks
*a few minutes later*
mum:*steals quavers*
Kate and Wills had a baby boy.
Now I'm just waiting until they present him on the balcony and I can sing the circle of life from the lion king when rafiki raises him up.
hipster problems: your favourite band doesn't go on tour due to lack of people knowing about them
i’ve been in love with love
and the idea of something binding us together
you know that love is strong enough
i think i like indie because it has the word die in it
and i want everyone to die
do you ever just find a song and it's so perfect and you just want to cry and you just want to get up and dance and go crazy and scream the lyrics wow it's brill
me:*gets a fringe to avoid plucking eyebrows*

laziness level: expert
If you like Justin Bieber because his lyrics are inspriational, fine.
'Swag swag swag on you' just doesn't do it for me.
me:*scrolling through witty*
me:*clicks on user*
me: it's 2am
me: I don't have headphones
me: what if it plays music
me: backbackbackbackbackbackbackbackbackback