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 Heyy, The Names Ivana! I Blow Out My Candles On The 17th

Of December<3. I Am 14 Years Of Age And My Main Besties Areeee;







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Fav and I will do confessions about myself.
* Haven't been on in a while..

That girl you just called fat, has been starving themselves for months now.. she hasn't eaten anything in almost two weeks. That girl you just called stupid, gets screamed at by her parents everyday and they say she is a failure because of her grades.. she gives up every day of her weekend to go to a tutor. That girl you just called ugly, cuts herself every day because she believes what people say. Words hurt, even just the though that counts.. before you say something about some one.. get a step in there shoes first.

If I never sweat.. I wouldn't be awkward at all. I would be out there.. like a crazy person. I wouldn't give awkward hugs.. and I wouldn't disgust people. :(

I thought life was getting atleast a little better but it wasnt. its been getting worse. my dad just bought a house and on the outside i seem happy but the divorse is tearing me apart, i wont be able to be with my mom and dad. together. as a family. it will never be the same. and in school my ex-bestfriend hates me.. i miss her.. we had such good times..  i dont know what i did but im sorry if i did something.. to anyone. i feel like im loosing everyone. my life sucks. i dont get good grades. i have horrible nerves. im a loner in school because everyone has their best friends and im like trying to fit in places.. but cant. I thought i wasnt going to cut again.. but i have been.. lately.. I dont get why im still here. no one would honestly miss me. i just.. dont know. but when i need my friends and i say my promblem they kinda get mad.. like.. i need you.

I say I'm not pretty, not because I'm looking for attention or compliments, but because that's how i truly feel, I don't believe that I'm pretty because i see EVERYTHING you don't. I see how my stomach looks when I'm standing in my bra. I see my thighs when im wearing underwear. I see every little flaw about myself, even if you can't. I say I'm not pretty, because if I said I was, I'd be lying. 
My life is being sucks without my best friend. I hate being replaced.

love you best fran
 oh and happy birthday(:

 love, hisxgirlxprumzz

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Balling My Eyes Out.. My Life Sucks, Like Anyone Cares.. But Just Saying. I Love My Friends That Have Been With Me Threw It All.. Even The Ones That Haven't.. People Are Leaving Me And I Dont Know Why. I Miss Everyone. And I Will Always Love My Friends That No Longer Love Me. < | 3