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idk if anyone even looks at my profilie, leave alone uses my qoutes. so if u do use them or take them, plz tell me. i need to know if i shud quit or not. mucho thanks. i love boys; parties; shopping; food; sleeping; watching teevee; boys; musicc; exersizing; hang out with friends; eating; step up ((favee movie)); MATT; i hate bitches; skanks; traitors; backstabbing friends; hoes; whores; sluts; liars; players; alarm clocks; waking up at 6 to go to school; homework;

Quotes by bEaTiFuL

don't think about calling me or IMing me. i don't care what it is. i don't care who you are. it can be super important and i won't answer my cell or IM you back. i don't have the time to be here for you becon call. i'm sorry i can't help you with your problems. i have my own life and own problems to take care of. i'm not trying to be mean, i'm so stressed out with my own life and my own problems, and you want me to help you with yours?well i'm sorry., i can't. go and figure it out on your own.
ok, im double confused you haven't talked to me in what..2 months? and now you called me, twice, and used my nickname that u gave me. i thought you hated me. i thought you thought i was 13! and then you left a msg saying call me. so i call u back and you aint picking up. and then you calling me and hanging up after 1 ring. wth is going on? please explain cuz i really want to know. are we getting back together? are you calling me to tell me to stfu and to leave u alone? please tell me cuz i really don't get it boo.
i'm so confused right now. you didn't talk to me in 2 months or so and now you're calling me back? you called me TWICE, and used THE NICKNAME YOU GAVE ME. what's going on??
you don't know what you do to me everytime you smile my way..
you make me want to dance!
i absolutely love fridays!
chilling...what else to do on a friday?
i wish i was eight again
because all you had to do is tag me and i was it
wait till i get my money right..
you can't tell me notin.
you're the music in me!
-- troy&gabbi

doing laundry