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Oh hi beautiful 
My names Amanda.
I live in a small town in NY.
& i'm 15 and in 9th grade.
Theres nothing special about me, so i'm not gonna write a paragraph telling you about my life..

I hope your day is great

Rock On

Quotes by babeigotchaa

The worst feeling ever is being in love with someone,
and knowing that they don't feel the same way.

I always feel bad for that one kid that no one talks to, 
so  i  t a l k  t o  h i m . . . 
 a n d  B A M .  

i ' m  s t a l k e d  f o r  l i f e .



That awkward Moment When. . .
an ugly person says
"i need my beauty sleep"
when they really need to just hibernate...


i want someone who will point at me and say to his friends my
you know those big erasers that say
"for really big mistakes?"

yeaah, i need one of those for you...

 A  d  m  i  t    i  t   ,
We've all tried stepping on our shadows before.

i hate getting flashbacks of things
i don't want to remember.



that awkward moment when
a 7 year old on
toddlers and tiara's is 
p r e t t i e r  t h a n  y o u
not my format.


i just made a milkshake,
now all the boys are in my yard.