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Quotes by baberz

it's .in. |her| -->eyes<-- where you'll see the hurt of today and the happiness tomorrow
you only have 3 choices when it comes to
love qive up* // qive in* // qive it your all
you decide - which ones -w o r t h i t <33
tOday i caught mYseLf s m i L i n
for n0 reason...thEn i reaLizeD
.. i wuz t h i n k i n
bouT y o u ..
It`s the days like these....where we sit around and do nothing...the moments we laugh so hard we cry...the way we look at eachother and know exactly what`s going through our`s the stupid things...the inside jokes...that`s the reason why we`re
[[ i n s e p e r e b l e ]]
.:* If YoUr GoNnA sAy I L0vE y0u
MaKe ShUrE iTs TrU *:.
.:* CaUsE iM tiReD oF aLL tHe ShYt
YoU'vE pUt Me ThRu *:.
*i wOnt Make PrOmisses i Cant FuLlFiL*
Cause When I Say I'Ll Be tHere
[[ sOme Way ]] ... [[ sOme hOw ]]
[[*I WiLL*]]