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Hi kids!
Who's ready for a sad story??

It's titled,

The Life of Nikki

Once upon a time, in 7th grade when NIkki was only 13, she came across a website called witty profles. She loved it very much up until her sophomore year of highschool. She quit using witty!! But recently, she reconnected with a girl she met through witty on facebook,and decided to get back on!
Her life has had many ups and downs.
Depression, anxiety, bad grades, losing family memberss to suicide, cancer, and just old age.
She's had her heart broken by many boys and girls and she thought she would never find love again.
But on October 28th, she met David!
On November 13th, they started dating, and from there, it's history. They've been together 7 months now, and are so in love that it is discusting. (I am kidding, I love him soo much)
She's gotten into some trouble- drinking, smoking, etc. but it's a part of my life. Some of it still is, some is in the past. Either way it made me part of who I am.
She met her role modle. Braden Barrie of SayWeCanFly. I love that man and he probably doesn't even remember me..

Music is a huge part of her life. It has saved her from her inner demons. "you can't drown my demons they know how to swim"- BMTH


Quotes by babidollnikki

Today, June 30th, 2015, I GRADTUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!

Turning pop songs into punk-rap is very fun.

Let's get drunk and live our lives
Let's climb onto the roof, and smoke away our fears
We're an intoxicated kind of love, but baby, I'm always here<3

My best friend stayed the night.
I woke up on top of him snuggling xD

What if My Chemical Romance got back together to open up for the Fall Out Boy show this year.
Don't let me, Don't let me, Don't let me go, because I'm tired of feeling alone..
Today I was babysitting and let me tell you I hate it and I question if I actually want kids when I am older or not

After being together for seven months, I amgoing on my first date with my boyfriend tomorrow. We've slept over and hung out at eachother's homes, but not once have we had a date. I'm so estatic to be with the love of my life

Babysitting is godawful I want to die

mosquito bites from head to toe because my best friends want to go outside at 1:30 am.