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Quotes by babii__giirl__12

it's all been done, its all been said
but one fact still remains.. that
i can't get you out of my head.
obstacles are put in your way
to see if what you want is
really worth fighting for
you bleed just to know you're alive.. ♥
It's all a big mysterty, it's all a big blur
No matter what he does, he can't find the cure
His love for her is endless, like a ray of gold
His hopes are so high, they can't be kept untold
The boy dreams silent, as his perfect girls walks by
He cherishes her movements, they make him cry
He would give his life, he would give his prayers
Just to know that that one girl truly cares
The truth it laid behind her eyes
And made many people realize
That life was like a dying rose
And nothing mattered on her outside pose
This girl was sad, this girl was blue
And nobody ever really knew
She seemed to be happy, she seemed to be glad
Her eyes were brown, they never looked sad
But people laugh and people cry
Most of all when people die
In his dreams and prayers, he holds her there
But when he wakes, he begins to shake
These thoughts of her are what keep him going
Even when it's heavily snowing
He keeps his secrets like a hidden treasure
Even though there was much pressure
He knew he loved her, he knew it was true
He just wanted the perfect girl, to love him too
This boy kept his expectations low
Hoping that nobody would ever know
Truth be told, she lived the same life
More than anything, she wanted to be his wife
Seperately they dreamed, even though they dreamt together
They love each other secretly, they will forever

-Breaking Benjamin♥
the truth..
is you could slit my throat
&& with my one last
gasping breath i'd apologize
for bleeding on your shirt

-Taking Back Sunday♥
it's all about the kiss.

<340 Days && 40 Night<3
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