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I am a ⊂ʁɐzʎ cat lady.
My sister is my bestfriend. :)

Quotes by babiixjeniix69

I'm so confused, I must be losing it
this can't be right.
I never knew that you could choose to love someone
then change your mind. 💔

-Safety suit; Something I Said.

This month marks 2 months of being a


Two people have to fall apart
to realize how much they need to fall back together.

Up on the mountain I see down below, it's easy to lose yourself I know.
Can't hear what you're shouting, i'm deaf to your show.
It's easy to lose your self control.
Everybody gets high, everybody gets low, life can be such overdose. 

-Beartooth- In between.* 

Whether it’s a shot to end the pain, or a cut to split the vein.
Whether it’s a purge to stop the gain, or a pill to end the shame.
Whether it’s a drink to be brave, or a smoke to ease the pain.
An addictions an addiction, because they all hurt the same.
And it's hard to forget someone;

that you know you'll always remember..
Everyone wants,
Nobody wants,
But you can't have a 
without a little
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[I choose you]
And i'll choose you over and over.
Without pause, without a doubt,
in a heart beat. 
I'll keep choosing you. 
{Nothing hurts more than realizing your bestfriend no longer cares about you..}