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My name is Mary.
Status: Omqq;! ALMOST X-MAs.
holy shitt; ! 

Maryanna is the real name; But i loved to be called mary.
Chanqinq my name as soon as im 18 to mary (:.
Ok back to earth, First time i meet you , i'll wave.
second time, i'll bitch & wine; Shove your face with words ; i'll label you. I'll Sterotype you & just ramdomly judqe you without meeting you. Deal with it! i'm a bitch & i embrace that title, & bear it. worddss upp!. Skinney jeans & band tees are my best friend. mmm.! (: Partyy till the am with vodka. you better knoww that my life. i'm 12 years old, yet ive got the worst habits. i've tried smokinq & doinq weeds; but thats just not for me, so i stoped.. i ussally get told to watch my mouth, every second,every sentence i say. Nikes and jordans are a big part in my life. Yet with all my issues i've found my man & his name is danny, yes sirr; ilovehim dearly & no stupid skank will takee him. i Don't like getting told what to do, so you better watch it. No i wont aruge you with; or insult you. i' have a thing for volience which means my words can only be handles with my fist. My mother yet a stupid whore she is, iloveher. After havinq my borther & i;; she became crazy; suffered!. she then involed bad habits in her life causinq her to life line death; she was then sentenced to jail forr life time, with bond. We paid & shes out; ..
she learned her lesson & it was well worth it. Shes a qreat mother; and im very jealous & proud of her. She did. I have a qreat amazing older brother & Father, they are not there for me always thouqh so i learned to be independent, i like doinq things for myself. well yeaa unlike all teenaqers i enjoy school & i thinks edaction is fun. I'm not known as a qeek nor a nerd. Why? Cause at one point in life i learned not to always talk about school but to have fun!. School is serious when your in class, bell rings & you can be silly, & crazy. Well yeahh! that deff. alot about meee (: Talkk to me forr more. :]

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I love the way you said you'd always love me;
I love the way you looked at me with eyes that
reassured every promise you made.
It's not so often that you
stumble upon someone who makes
you feel on top of the world. It's even less often that you
find a good way to
hold onto them and keep them within
your reach, because once they are gone,

you've lost them for good.

Just Dance.


Everytime i thought of you i think i'd have my garden of love in my
backyard right now.Cause everytime i look at a
flower, A heart,a human,a cloud
i think of you.  I wish i could be with you everydaybut i can't.
I dream of you like i dream of cupcakes, but  a little more of you.

ou are my everything.

Love has
nothing to do with
what you are
e x p e c t i n g
to get,it's what you are expected to give which is 

Now it's time for Graduation,
The broken hearts and the lost
dreams, to Continue on to
High school. The friendships
are lost in between, But some
a carried and lost.  Its a happy time
to sing a song, to say good-bye.
You've done it, you gave it your best
and you got it. But only a look to
the side; Wheres my best friend?
In heaven i say. Flowers on her
chair, She'd be graduating if she
was here. Where is my Friend?
My dear friend. To sing a song
for you.  Where are you? <3

For my best Friend; Who lost
one of her best friends while Finshing
her 8th grade year.
We miss you Angleica Andre♥