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My name is Fawn and i have 2 amazing friends in my profile picture Alexis (the first girl) Lia (middle) and I'm the last one :) I've been bullied all my life and it stops here. I stand with Demi Lovato against bullying because everyone is different and you have no right to pick on someone because they are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and don't ever forget that. Harry Potter is my life. A Very Potter Musical A Very Potter Sequel

Quotes by babydeer16

If you can't be 100% yourself around a guy than you shouldn't date him.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my 18 year old self met my 8 year old self.
Would I be proud of the person I've become or ashamed?

You can't protect yourself

from sadness without

protecting yourself from



i don't understand how

people get pleasure out

of intentionally hurting

other people's feelings


I love how so many people ,

  work so hard on their

quotes. They are Quotes

with a lot of feelings

behind them and

they get 2 favs 

while people jock quotes

and put it's my birthday

quotes and they get top



I just wanna
let you know that the 
back of you head is



What is 11 inches
and boosts Harry Potter's popularity with the girls at Hogwarts? ;)

Am I the only one
who thinks Jenna from MTV's awkward should date Jake instead of Mattie?