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For starts I'm Vittoria but you can call me Tori. I enjoy simple things; simplicity is actually something I adore. I would call myself a complicated person, but I'm sure we're all pretty complicated. I don't like to open up. I can't make decisions, choices drive me nuts. I'm honest. I tend to contradict myself a lot. I'm actually stupid enough to spend money on music. I love finding new bands to listen to. I listen to my I pod a little to loud and yes people tend to notice and give me odd looks but that’s fine. I find it hard to save up money. I don't like when people cancel on me. I dislike selfish people. I love coffee & tea. I'm average, I guess you can call me that and I'm constantly looking for that person who will complete me. I have a few best friend and they are my heart and soul. My jeans are most likely too tight for you to get in too, make fun of me and ill probably laugh. And yes I believe in Karma it's my way of explaining things to myself. 

Quotes by babygirlx0x

Its been 7 amazing months and i mean amazing. we are going onto month 8 and sadly im not sure if its really going anywhere. If he really wanted me to be "his" wouldnt he have asked by now ?

Boy you may have broke my heart but I will still
you with all the little pieces
                                                                         And Boy Do I Miss You
Because of you boy I am starting to understand all these love songs I never did before
You might not love what you see when you look in a mirror but baby your beautiful to me
Remember eveything you say and do to a girl, she will remember years after you are gone from her life
Zio please be okay, wishing you all the best and hope everything goes well. Cause I know my cousin cant bare to lose an other parent.

OMG!!! okayy I feel like I cant tell anyone this or even say it on Witty which is weird for me cause I can always vent on Witty. To make a long vent short something just happened to me and I dont know what to do about it.
Im scared you'll leave me before we even start
why is this driving me crazy! i really just wish i could know if he feels anything at all or if i should even get my hopes up for something that may never even happen