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so when my guy friend gives me a piggy back ride that means im cheating on my boyfriend? and you had to take pictures to prove it? real mature.
okay, so last year people called me a lesbian and said i was dating my ex best friend. when i wasnt. and now, this year, there are me and a whole group of friends. and there are rumors going around that me and that whole group of people are lesbians and we're all dating each other. which is not true. these rumors are spreading like wildfire at our school and almost everyones heard it. its p****** me off. we dont know who it is either. i really want to know who thinks this is funny. its immature and stupid. like, people kept giving my friends dirty looks in the hallway. why would anyone do that. and the people that spread the rumor must have been stalking us because the only time we're all together is at lunch/recess (yes our middle school has recess. be jealous. but anyway, its p****** me off. so i hope the people whi spread the rumors get punished. ughh. rant over. sorry. bye
ok. i need some advice. i have a boyfriend. and i keep having dreams about random guys i know. (including him and my guy best friend) i love my boyfriend sooooooooo so so so much though. and i am positive that i love him. but i just dont know why i keep having these dreams and if they mean something
i love how everyone thinks of emo as people who cut themselves. not true. this is proof.
i need some advice. i have a boyfriend... but he has anger issues. i do something annoying on accident sometimes. he gets mad, yells at me and says the wrong thing. i ignore him for a few minutes then we make up within about 15-20 minutes. thats been happening a lot more lately. an i dont know why? i think its because if all the stress hes going through. i dont know wether i need to take into account that the stress makes him get mad easier and try to help him stop being stressed, or if we need to take a little break, or if we just need to talk it out. please, anyone reading this try to help. i need it. we love each other, so much. we cant just let our relationship fall apart. contact me or Nonyabiznis555, my boyfriend with your advice. thank you.
everyone on here that reads/writes books, i suggest you go on or get the app. you can write books or read many different kinds of book. most of the books i read are good. hope this helped, byeeeee *grace face* ding
So my boyfriends got the stomach bug last night, and I think he gave me it, I'm just not throwing up yet. But of course it would happen. On the New Year's Eve I was going to have my first New Years kiss. :'(  </3
you know what i hate? how girls are called home wreckers when they steal a guy in a relationship... but they dont yell at the guy. obviously he didnt like the girl enough to stay with her or he didnt like her enough because he cheated on her. like, why just be mean to the girl?