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Quotes by babygurl7090

the harder the struggle the stronger the soul
going through some things nobody will ever see or know but i with fight through this alone like i always have
i took a sip of your tea and i aint been right ever since
I fell for you it wasnt on purpose it wasnt planned and i didnt even know it until you said her name
Why do you do this to me? I dont want these butterflies you can have them !! I dont want these feelings, you can have them !!
i think i got proposed to today but im really not sure lmao his words were im gonna move in with you then im gonna marry you 😍😍
why me ?
why you ?
why her ?
just why ?

why you gotta be so damn cute for !?!

why are you always on my mind its been like this for months i fell for you the very first time i saw you i didnt know your name i didnt know who you was i didnt know that you was ever going to be more then a glance. what did you do to me!!
Fell in love once
worst mistake ever!!
Thats why i stay coldhearted 💙