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the names gabby. i breathe and stuff...ehh, i guess you could say im a weird one, XD. i go to gowana middle school(: the only words you hear in that school are slut and whore. i am a cheerleader. people say its not sport, in my opinion it is. yup. the number one thing i hate, is drama. yeah i admitt i cause some at times. but everyone else on this planet does too..  dont cause any with me. i dont take shit so dont start it with me. uhhmm yes, soo i still havent found out who my true friends are. have alott though. hah uhm,sooo.. well, hehe. my modo- if you dont like me than dont freakin talk to me. seriously, if you dont like me dont talk to me.  im probably one of the craziest people you will ever meet. i love talking to people and meeting new people, so chat it up! the screen names gaaabbyyx33.   im friendly, so... talk !

Quotes by babyxoxo1996

It annoys the hell out of me when,
girls are always like "omg he broke my heart im always gonna love him forever"
No, your not going to love him forever.
There is no forever. Friendships fade, people die, nothing lasts forever.
So stop saying you'll love him forever.
I mean really. Gimme a break. He is not the boy you are going to grow up and marry. He is not the boy who is gonna raise a family with you, and spend the rest of your life with. Do you get my explaination? Stop complaining girls. I understand he broke your heart and you are upset. But he wasn't gonna last too long. Young boyfriends never do. When a boy breaks your heart, you just gotta forgett and move on. Find a new boyfriend and have fun in that relationship while you can. 
And I couldn't go one
day without witty.          (:
All the tears i shed could make an ocean,
but he'll never swim in that ocean.

sorry bad colorss! fix em' up if yah want.
Hard to chew,
easy to suck.


get it?? haha
I can bang that.
And he's the reason
for all my tears.
And i thought
 he was the one</3

And I thought you were the one<3
I thought wrong</3