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Wey Hey, I'm Bailey, and you're watching Disney channel.

Quotes by HashtagWhoreo*

This one time I really wanted a burrito so I kept yelling at everybody to make me a burrito but then I opened the door for someone and I thought it was my mom's fiance so I yelled at the person to make me a burrito. It was the mailman, he just wanted to deliver a package and now he doesn't bring the packages to the door, he just leaves them by the garage.
I'm like, really bad at talking to guys.
Guy: "Hey, oh my god, you have cupcakes, can I have a cupcake?"
Me: O.O "Oh, um, er, um-" *shoves cupcake in my mouth*
Me: (around the cupcake) *Sorry, no food here, we're closed-"
When I was younger my cousin told me that the way you scored in football was having the best touchdown dance.
So, my computer screen background is an animated picture of Harry Styles riding a chicken.
I want to be British, so I call my mom “Mum”
then she decides to talk in a British accent too,
and then I switch back to calling her mom.
Feeling depressed for no reason.
The Awkward Moment when you put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard.

I <3 1D
In gym, it is like life or death for the guys, until they realize that there is no way their team is going to win, then all hell breaks loose and they all act like they are on crack.

I <3 1D
My childhood is over.

Nathan Kress (Freddie from iCarly) has a beard.

I <3 1D
You know how they say that there are 7 people in the world that look like you?
Well I was just wondering if those people are Wittians too.

I <3 1D