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Hannah Marie

Kevin Ray is cool ♥

Quotes by Hannah Marie*

My head is a jungle,
my love is wasted, sorry for this i never meant to be


Lately, I've been losing sleep
dreaming about the things that we could be.


I wish I was good enough for

you ♥




Forever is a long time

   but I wouldn't mind spending it by your side ♥


That awkward moment when...
you go to Six Flags with your friends when you don't like roller coasters.


Turning the lights off at night and jumping into bed as fast as possible, just to put your covers over you for protection


for me, it's every single day ;)

Wishing you had that someone

   who you could stare at the stars with at night ♥ 



Happy New Year's Eve!

› Let's Just Hope This Year Will Be  D i f f e r e n t ♥


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Look at the stars,

Look  how  they  shine  for  you. ♥ 


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Piglet:How Do You Spell Love?

Pooh:You Don't Spell it, You Feel

It. ♥

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