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I completely agree w/ Blairhugg and Kelly27. People need to stop stealing quotes and all but if sumone steals ur just chill out and don't flip out! it's no big deal and everyone is overreacting!!! It's a friging quote on a website!!  and if sumone steals ur quote, think of it as a complement cuz if they took it that must mean they liked it so seriously just chill out people!!!
I just went on this website for the first time in a little while and all of a sudden i'm seeing all this stupid crap of people fighting and that stupid story of the girl and how if you don't repost ur gonna die. this is ridiculous! witty profiles is for quotes and always has been! it's not for fighting  and posting stupid stories that r not true!!! we all no ur not gonna die if u don't repost. and if anyone wants to fight about sumthing personal do it on aim freaks!!!!!!!!!! i just want quotes for my profile seriously!!!!!! so can we pleaseeeeee just 4get about all this crap?!?!?!?!
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Life isn't about waiting
for the storm to pass,
it's about learning 
to dance in the rain.<3
Never regret something,
that once made you smile. <33
I love it when he holds me tight,
I just wanna stay there all through the night.
It feels so good, his arms wrapped around me.
I look up at him and he's all that I see.
i love you _____________ <33
^ bf's name ^
{make it cute;)}