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First of all, being on here for the first time in months has to be the most confusing thing ever; i literally do not know how to work anything. But the only reason i came on here is to clean up my profile in order to move out. I will still keep following all of the users i previously followed and i will not unlike the posts that i liked before, but as of today(7-18-14) i have deleted all of my previous quotes and comments that i made. I do apologize to anyone i was actually friends with on here for my disappearence. But the truth of the matter is that maintaining a social media account that i made when i was in eighth grade doesn't really fit into my schedule, as i prepare for my junior year in high school and start to make real-life decisions about my future. However, the main reason I'm writing this is to say one massive thank you. Or, moreover, a bunch of little thank you's. I'd like to thank every single one of my friends that i met on here. Whether we bonded over music, or band, or just day-to-day similarities, you guys have left an impact on my life that i could not express with words if i tried. I'd like to thank the people on here that i know in real life: even if we never became particularly close outside of this website, thank you for viewing my most personal thoughts and keeping them to yourselves. Thank you to Steve: you made my first social media/blogging kind of website. You introduced me to some really fantastic people whom, to this day, i still think about and am thankful for. It is admittedly very weird to leave this website, even though my usage of it has recently become very slim. While going through all my quotes for the last time, i was able to laugh at myself for being the sappy pre-teen that i was (I still remember who all the love-y quotes were about). I also was able to remember the harder times that i experienced, which i expressed through this website (and i want to send out another massive thank you to everyone who supported me and stood by me, you guys are still so rad). So basically the essence of this letter is to say that even though this will be my last time logging out of witty, i will always fondly remember the times i had on this website for the past almost-three years. I grew from a pre-teen who made this account in 2011 into a regular-teen(?) who is saying goodbye in 2014. So thank you witty profiles, for being my friend. 


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