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status...... Always smile, because you never know who could be falling for it 
stuff. ((:

Quotes by bandnerd4life

Broken dreams are not the end of the road.  They are the beginning of new dreams and a new direction in life.  You just need to be strong enough to take the first step.
And I can't help but wonder
When our eyes meet.
Did I catch you staring?
Or was it you who caught me?
Sometimes, you don't know the true meaning of a MOMENT until it becomes a MEMORY!
I love you more today than I did yesterday, but I love

you less today than I will tomorrow, but If tomorrow

doesn't come, then I love you more today!!
Sometimes It takes the biggest mistakes in your

life for you to learn the lesson! I learned that

sometimes things are meant to happen for a

reason and sometimes they're not! I learned that

some friends aren'nt really gonna be there for you

 and I learned that you're not living life until you

go out and do those things you've always wanted

to do!!! :)

I learned that in whatever you do, it doesn't take a trophy to show that you're a winner!!!
" How can you forgive someone for stepping on your toe when they are still standing on your foot?"

The sad moment when the popular girl gets mad because everyone is sad on her birthday....... because a close friend to everyone just killed himself.. She needs to grow up and get over it because the world doesnt' revolve around her
hey... I'm not saying she is a s**t.... I'm just saying she's been on more weiners than hunts Ketchup.... 
Me: "Hey Kayla can you straighten the back of my hair?....I'm just too tired"
Kayla: "NO... I Get nervous around hot stuff"
Me: "OH..... So.... You get nervous around Me?"
*_* true Story