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Quotes by bang_me_babyxO

                                                 I'm 16
             & i shouldn't have to feel like this
Right now you feel
like your worlds crashing to the ground
you scream but can't make a sound.
people keep telling you to move on
but thats like asking you not to breathe.
but babygirl, dont you worry,
boys come & leave
thats how it goes, they skip nice girls
& pick the hoes.
you'll be happy soon again dont
let this get to you <3

*not pretty* but i was boredd :)
Face it _______________ <3
nothing lasts're what, 13? 14? & you think its the end of the world
cause he doesnt text
you back; or cause you broke up? welll then you're in for a
wake up call.  cause when you do actually fall in love. its gonna be the worst
pain in the world
. so since your still young, live it up. cause one day.
you will get your heart destroyed.
not broken.
           & now you don't feel the same
remember you would shiver everytime I said your name
you said nothing felt as good as when you [gaze] into my eyes
now you don't care I'm alive; how did we let the fire die?
So I turn the dial on the radio, trying to catch a break & then I hear

"I only think of you
& it's breaking my heart
i'm trying to keep it together;
but I'm falling apart.
I'm feeling all out of my element.
I'm throwing things,
crying, trying to figure out
where the hell I went wrong"

the pain thats reflected in this song
isn't even half of what i'm feeling inside.
sometimes i wonder
do think about me; i know its over but
do you think about how we held hands
how you told me i was the only one
when you told me you loved me
& how i was the [prettiest] girl you laid eyes on
or how you said you'd never leave
cause trust me;
i'll never forget <|3

kinda ugly but just venting :/
favorite if you feel the same way ! 

                   not again
i don't wanna feel weak. i don't want my head to spin
           i don't want to daydream all day. i don't want to need 
           someone. i hate getting your cute texts. & i hate how
         you talk about me like i'm the [greatest] thing in the world.
           i hate how you make me feeel. i hate how much i love 
                               e v e r y t h i n g          
                                            you do.  

                                                    i wanna forget you
                                                            [ people tell me to move on
                                                                           but they dont understand.
                                                                                i dont want you here
                                                                                 i need you here.

font & colors are terrible.
but im just venting :/