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hey i'm arica :]
i love making quotes so you can request.
also add me on myspace.
 or my screen name for requests.

ariiicax3 <-------- hit it up.

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Steve 5 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
yooitscharliie 1 decade ago
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god's real? okkay yeah like bridget said, please prove that, i'd LOVE to know what makes you so suure (:
__exceptforone 1 decade ago
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your comment is retarded. gods real? prove it.
Everlong 1 decade ago
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Hi :]
You favorited this quote
which was taken from here:
It would mean a lot if you unfavorited the jocked one. There's no need to favorite the original, I just wanted to give proof it was really mine.
Thanks for your time and sorry for bothering you :]
x_MassiveFader 1 decade ago
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coloring..its hard to explain.
__cityofangels 1 decade ago
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You can get fades from FabulousFades (my other account) but I just make them myself. Its just coloring. :P