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 Hi im Bianca. Im 13. My bestfriend is on witty : Eloiise_98 - Check her out she has some amazing quotes.
I love everything. Need any help. Ask me.
Im starting to make some fanart, if you want the first one comment on my profile & will give you the code.

I play hockey & i like to run with my family.Im not very sporty, im kinda a girly girl.


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Quotes by barbie_98

He likes her yet,
Her bestfriend likes him
If she was a true bestfriend,
 She wouldn't have fallen for him.
its a messed up world.

You called me a '____' but, what does it make you ? 

Success starts when you
believe in yourself

Are you serious ?

Witty is about people who need to let there emotions spread or get heard, or even  to get advice. It's not about who the prettiest people are. So stop doing it because its hurting other girls. Some of us have low self-esteem. And seeing it, doesn't make us feel any better, it makes us feel worse. Its like getting cyber bullied, when some girls get it every day. Its not funny. Some girl named Dani just took her life to bulling. So stop the prettiest girl serious.

Calling your d•ck truth because its hard to swallow. 

24TH OF JUNE 1998 ? 

Telling me to go die , when i just lost someone.
makes me feel weak,
but what does it make you ?

Shout out to my haters,
Sorry that you couldn't phase me to talk sh•t about you.

I believe that life is a prize,
 but to live doesn't mean you're alive.


i love my hater
Why ? They have the time & day to think & talk about me. When i don't have anytime for them, because I'm not that low. I think of them as my motivators.