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my name's alexis-paige; new jersey; sophmore.
all my quotes are 100% original.
& majority of them are based on how i am feeling.

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Quotes by bardarlicious

I use my pen as my gun,

and my words as my ammunition.


I'm a writer.


Do any of you girls remember:

When you were in elementary school, and your teacher paired you up with your crush.

you acted like you were annoyed, but in reality.. your heart was pounding and you were absolutely excited.

Waldo's parents must be


secrets secrets are no fun,
unless they're a label...
on my thong. ;)

When You Hand in Your Test,
And Look At The Person's Test
Before Yours To See If You Guys
Have The Same Answers.


If you're a vegitarian,

Are you allowed to eat animal crackers..?


We don't choose whom we fall in love with,

our hearts do.