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Dancing Banana100% me, 100% makeup free (:
Ayeee (: Vas happenin? You seem to have stumbled upon my profile. Well, as Lil Wayne once said, people are basically indescribable, but I’ll try anyways so please excuse me while I bore you with my words [: First of all, I can’t live without music. I absolutely looove to sing and I’ve been told I’m really good, but I’m too shy to ever sing or dance in public. Hopefully one day I’ll be performing with One Direction c: I’m usually really shy, but when I’m with my friends I can be the LOUDEST person on earth. I guess my personality description would be a matter of opinion. A lot of people tell me I’m really sweet. My best friend says I’m really funny and nice and that one day I’ll kill her because she’ll suffocate from laughing too hard. She also says I’m her therapist and that I’m amazing at it. I’m crazy, weird, and hyper, but that’s all normal for me (: I SNEEZE LIKE A KITTEN. IT’S SO WEIRD. I like candy and I LOOOVE HUGS AND PIGGY BACK RIDES :D I'm never going to “grow up”. I NEVER EVER lie or curse and I take pinky promises very seriously. I still say “playdate”. (Yes, I know I’m weird :]). I try to maintain a positive attitude. A lot of people call me a Smiley Face because it’s kind of impossible for me not to always be smiling and laughing (unless of course I’m in a bad mood). Even when I’m in a bad mood, it’s incredibly easy to make me laugh (even though I try not to then :P). SpongeBob SquarePants is the love of my life ♡ We’re engaged to be married, let me know if any of you beautiful people would like an invitation (:
I love meeting new people and I'm not quick to judge, so if you need advice or just want to talk, I'm here c:

ч вuckєt ℓíst:
○Hand a random little kid a folded up piece of paper and tell him it's from his real parents.
○Try a doughnut.
○Order coffee at Starbucks as Primrose Everdeen so that when it's ready and the person at the counter says, "Primrose Everdeen," I can say, "I volunteer as tribute!"
○Run up to a random couple on Valentine's Day, slap the guy, and burst into tears while yelling, "How could you? You said you loved me! I gave you everything! I gave you my virginity! And now this? Screw you!"
○Fill up an empty bottle of Windex with blue gatorade and drink it in public.
○Sing a duet with Austin Mahone.
○Bake a cake that actually tastes good.
○Ride a llama.
○Eat a sock.
○Dress up a pineapple in a hula skirt and name it Lola.

Explode a grape in the microwave.
Call an insurance company and try to insure a stuffed animal.
Put chocolate pudding in a diaper and eat it in public.