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 My namesMy names karli, I love life, friends, horses, sports and summer :). I'm a nice person and i get along with anyone thats nice to me, but if your not nice to me don't excpect me to be nice to you.I'm a total country girl and i'll stand up for what i belive in, and i will stand up for my friends. Theres a lot that people don't know about me, but they don't know wont hurt them. I'm a real person, who hatees fakes! and i'm not the type that is gonna fool around with any of my friends guys, cuz its not right ya know? :) Well theres a lot to me, too much to write! so if you wanna know more about me, comment a questions! Kay byee:D

Doin' pree good ; )

Quotes by barrelracingbabe

If you postin bout' kony i feel bad for you son,
He snatched 99 kids, and your post helped none.(;

Just a joke people, chillaxe.(;

I always feel like the ugly friend, no matter what.

What i love~
When he texts me first
How he trust me
How his eyes light up whens hes happy
His smile
His laugh
His hair
His personality
How he tells me secrets
When we talk for hours
When he smiles in almost every text
How he comes to me for advise
When he gives me nicknames


Fav for a name that sounds good with yours(:
I promise i will do all!

Break the rules ,stand apart, ignore your head.. Just fallow your heart♥ 


John has 374 candy bars, he eats 143 of them, what does john have now?
     Diabetes, John has diabetes.


Spiders, they're so much scaryer when they can jump. /:

I bet you can't stick out your tounge and breathe at the same time.....

Good girl! Now sit ;)