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Hey Everyone!!!
My name is Maddie (Madison), im 15, i blow out the candles on April 9th :).
 I live in Montana :/.
I love love love sports i play 3 and they are, softball, basketball, and volleyball.
I also have a wonderful little brother who is 11 now and even though he can be a pain sometimes, i still love him more than ever!
I also love my best friend.... she is amazing even tho she doesn't think so but i know she will come around some day cuz she is truly amazing. I know I will always be ther for her, and I can trust she will be there for me. (: My best "guy" friend is amazing too. (: just though i'd throw that out there. Love You Guys (:
Music is my life, I love music, I like to listen so some songs over and over again untill i know all the lyrics. I love listening to new music and singing and dancing to them in my room and just having fun!
Follow Me!!! If you follow me I will follow you! :)
I am a very exciting, and outgoing person! Even though I may act crazy sometimes, I just love having fun. :)
My Motto's
Never Give Up
Follow Your Dreams
Live Life To The Fullest
Dream Big
Be Who You Want And Not What Other People Want
Be Happy

~Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.~
-Demi Lavato