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im in love

Quotes by basketball45

what happend to forever?
that dont exsit anymore or something?
But good dont get attention
One kid with a promise
The brightest kid in school
Hes not a fool
Reading books about science and smart stuff
Its not enough, no
Cause smart dont make you cool, whoa
The true definition of love: getting your heart broken
That summer I spent with you, it will always mean everything to me. It's summer again, and I'm missing you. You kicked off my life that summer. The fall breeze blew between out love, the distance was horrible but we held on with everything we had. The cold, cold winter was hard without your heart to keep me warm, but you assured me, one way this distance would break. Spring rained you in, my heard blossomed again like it did that summer. Then again, youi had to go. This distance will always hurt me. Summer's here again, it's so hot, but me heart's so cold without you.
One day, I know for a fact that you're going to be feeling the same way about me.
when you're young, dreams all you have.
secrets dont make friends
what a best friend when they dont act like one
what a best friend when they dont act like one