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Quotes by basketballxx01

all net.
flying in the air.
the rough ball in your hands.
the feeling of SCORING&&WINNING.
the love for the game.

the word...everyone hates that comes out of a family or friends


**fave if you know someone who has died,survived or has cancer<3**

ik what your going through..if you need to talk comment<3

i'm all ears!!

Love it.
Hate it.
Like it.
<- - -it's my heart.
          it's not a toy.
          don't brake
 i love the way you lie

baby don't hurt me..
don't hurt me
no moree!

oh hot dayummmmmm!
 I am sorry.
i am currently away right because my pet farret has eaten my computer.
i will be back as soon as it comes out.

                if you don't know the meaning..then why say it?
love can't be explained 

love can't be explained