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Quotes by ThePoltergeist*

My life is like a roller coaster, before I get on I'm scared and nervous, but after the first ride then I'm ready to go again. It's crazy really, like a new door has been opened to the freedom of a new experience. Only in life, sometimes you miss the ride. You're lucky if the train comes back around again to get you. And after the first ride, sometimes you never get to go again. So you have to try to make the best of every terrifying new experience, because it may never happen again, even if you wish it would.
When I'm suppressing everything I start to feel normal and happy again but when I start expressing how I feel then everything falls apart and I'm back to where I started. That makes no sense but that's how it goes with me for some reason.

What do Cassius and Brutus do at the end of Act III Scene 2?

(a) They stay and fight for their lives.
(b) They flee  the city
(c) They beg the crowd for forgiveness
(d) They surrender to Antony
(e) When am I ever going to need to know this?

Forget F*ck Buddies,
I just want a Cuddle Buddy.
Teacher: How do you get rid of the radicand?
Me: Tell it that it radican't.
It really sucks when you question your sanity and think that you might genuinely have a problem but nobody seems to notice and just think you are totally weird sometimes because you are so good at hiding it. And even then, you dont want everyone to know and give you a label.
"The best way to make your kid an athiest is to send them to catholic school"
- My best friend who attends a catholic high school
Me: Has an account involving personal quotes.
Me: Can't ever remember the spontaneous funny things I've said with friends.
Me: Posts something stupid instead.
Looking at my old quotes that are listed for deletion
like someone who just won't take the hint and go away.

I can't be the only one who saw
"USS BATAAN" and thought it said