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Hello Wittians (:
The names Brittany, 14 yeaars young.
I loove music, it's my escape from reality.
My favorite bands are; Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens, Falling in Reverse, Chelsea Grin, Bring Me the Horizon, and so on.
So im absolutely head over heels for this kid, who likes someone think. I try not to let it bother me, but even if i dont show it, it definetly does...
Yes, I cut. Over multiple reason. My own reasons. Havvve a problemm.? Leave.
 I absolutely love my bestfriends and don't know what i'd be without them.
ThankYou for putting up with me and being there for me<3 Love you; Cierra, Sara, Stephanie, Tara, Hannah, Ava, Cassie, and Mara.
Follow; xxlovelastsforeverxx . mywittysisterr <33. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Quotes by bbritbbee97

leaving for a while,

follow for a follow? :D

a drop in the ocean,
 a change in the weather,
 I was praying that
  might end up together


This was a quote,

but then it turned into a landshark /\


I can make your girlfriendscreamlouderthenyou, just by clicking her follow button. 

-Harry Styles


Because of you,
Im afraid to tell anyone how I actually feel....

If I lay here;
    if i just lay here,   would you lie with me &
just forget the world?



When a girl gets jealous,
It means she cares.
Its when she stops caring,


That you should be worried.


Not pretty enough.



theres this chick i love and her name is cassie  

They should make a hairless princess;
so that little girls with
cancer can feel beautiful.♥