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Quotes by beachbabi

Forgiveness is like giving someone permission to hurt you .....again
whatever tomorrow brings i'll be there  with  open arms.
and  open eyes  i'll be there
the higher you build the walls a r  o u  n d  your  h e a r t  the  ------>harder you fall when someone tears them down<-----
I hate you
but  i  need  you because i  love
y. o. u
Me without you is like A&F without the moose coach purses without their c's & laguna without the drama [[pointless]]
it [doesn't] hurt that  were not together as much as it hurts that  [i wasn't]
  even worth a chance...
There's  a point  in every friendship when people stop being friends & become sisters
But we understand each other and we care about each other and i believe that years from now we still will
someday.everything ,will make sxixnxcxex.
so for now laugh at confusion "
Smile through the tears & keep
 reminding  yourself everything 
happens  for a 

The struggles make me stronger && the changes make me wise && happiness has it's own way of taking it's --sweet time