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Quotes by bean

you can tell me i'm beautiful,
but some days i feel ugly; *♥*
and i'm sorry but you cant fix that.
no matter how hard you try.


So;; I'm not going to lie... when you broke up with me, I cried all night. But the next
day at school, I put on a smile and I actually believed my own lies. I was doing fine,
that's what I believed anyways. I was sat behind my computer doing my homework
when before I realise what I'm doing, I'm printing pictures of you off, to take with me to
school to keep me from feeling ««««
»allalone ]

op child abuse

no paragraphs, no lectures, no bribes. just stop. 
You see, it's very hard 
t o  s m i l e  s o m e t i m e s  i n  l i f e,
there are things that happen that you don't know, when 
you don't don't know if you're going to get through it.
you know, you go through your storms in life & 
y o u  d o n t  k n o w  h o w  l o n g  t h e  s t o r m s  g o i n g  t o  b e
-Nick Vujicic


had heard about what happened

&  withing minutes she was being asked that

one dreadful question via msn & facebook.

''Are you okay?!'' All she could reply was:

''Yeah, of course, lmao.''

a   s       t   h   e       t   e   a   r   s       s   t   r   e   a   m       d   o   w   n       h   e   r       c   h   e   e   k   s
I was feeling pretty down as I scrolling thorugh
{F a c e b o o k} as my exboyfriend of two days
was supposedly back with his other exgirlfriend.
She changed her facebook status to:
''Sorry girl but you missed out, well tough
luck that boy's mine now. We are more then
just got friends, this is how the story ends:))'
One of her friends 'liked' it, but without missing
a beat, I changed my status to: ''slag''
On everyone's facebook homepage were our
two status', her's beneath mine. Everyone knew
what was happening between us and I ended 
up getting nine 'likes' as apposed to her 'one'.
Needless to say, she was embaressed & 
I left with my head held high.

&As I lo
oked into your eyes.

Two things happened at once.

I realised you're the one

and my world changed to colour