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Hi and welcome to my profile. :D

Quotes by beaniegirl

I need some new song's to listen to, any idea's. Music i like : taylor swift imagine dragons. ed sheeran the all american rejects passion pit one direction the wanted conor maynard some coldplay song's demi lovato the cab selena gomaz foster the people hot chelle rae the ready set some justin timberlake song's the killers carly rae jepsen fun. Some mumford and sons song's florence + the machine char lloyd birdy kelly clarkson the summer set cody simpson and katy perry. :)
That moment when you talk about a book and nobody care's because they think it's boring. :()
That moment when all your friend's are soccor stars and i'm here like : I LIKE WIFI
does not run In my family. Rather, it strolls through, taking its time, getting to know
everyone personally.
Jesus's love's YOU.!! :D
BEING NICE MAKES YOU COOL. (and sometime's sunglasses help too.) But not always.) :D
I hope you alway's find a reason to smile. :)
When your dancing like a crazy person and someone walk's in and there like: -_- and your like: YOU SAW NOTHING!!! :)
When your hungry and you friend decides to google picture's of delicious food you can't have. :(

-True story-