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Abenaaa here :) Umm I'm pretty akward so I dont know what else to say..

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nmf - MissAnna

That awkward moment

When all of your friends are doing stuff together and your just a loner sitting in the corner of your house all like "I like turtles."


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got my period. could you go to CVS and get me pads?


Sorry! that was meant for my mom!! 


already got you the pads. getting chocolate & stopping by the store to rent a movie. ill be over in 10
you didnt have to do that. i love you baby<3



love you too<3 

                                                     how cute is that?<3
Dear movie producers

please read the book before you write the movie



that akward moment


when you spell awkward wrong..

a quiet kid kept on getting all the answers to the questions right in class;

bitchy girl :
"what a nerd!"

teacher :
"dont say that, he could be your boss one day!"

quiet kid :
"not likely. i don't plan on being a pimp."

i t s  a l w a y s  t h e  q u i e t  o n e s .

1. Open Google Maps.
2. Click: 'Get Directions'
3. Start address: 'Tokyo, Japan'
4. End address: 'Shanghai, China'
5. Read number 48.
6. Laugh.