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BravoSierra's format

Putting on jeans:
Right leg, left leg, wiggle, jump, DONE.


Every girl has five personalities;

1. How she acts at school.
2. How she acts around her friends.
3. How she acts around her family.
4. How she acts when she's with him.
5. How she acts when she's alone.


I've been in 2 milleniums, 2 centuries, and three decades. I've seen the Twin Towers fall, the first black president, a prince marry a commoner and Bin Laden killed.
I'm not even 20.


format by jimmy365

I miss the days

When boys had cooties
When it was a reward to have lunch with your teacher
When the coolest technology you had was a tamagotchi

When your coolest pair of jeans were from Old Navy
When the best P.E lesson involved a colored paracute
When recess was too short
When decisions were easy and chosen by "enie, meanie, miney, moe."
When only skinned knees brought tears
When goodbye only meant until tomorrow
When your clothes didn't need to match
When the only race issues were who could run faster
When all that mattered was getting to the swings first
When drugs meant medicine
When drinks meant kool-aid
When the biggest rumor was about what somone ate for lunch

I know you love it when guys say "Don't I get a hug?"

I'm never enough.


welcome to our society,

you will be judged on what you wear,
which music you listen to,
what you look like,
how you act,
who you hang around with,
on practically every other,
personal trait and...
about you.
and you'll be made fun of,

for who you are, enjoy your stay~

No, I Will Not Share My Ipod With You..
It's an ipod not an uspod.

& I thought

you were my friend.