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 His Dreads Tho <33


beatleslove's Favorite Quotes

*random person and i talking*

Person- "what do you like to do for fun?"

Me-"Well, sometimes when im bored, i ball up on the kitchen floor and pretend im a crumb."
when i order a pizza~
right before closing the door i yell, "Pizza's here!!"
 into my EMPTY apartment so the delivery guy doesnt think ALL that pizzas for me. ~FOREVER ALONE~
Im tired. im tired of all my friends cutting. im tired of them telling me and making me cry bc i care about them that much. Almost HALF of my cut. im just done. i cant take them cutting anymore and leaving me with the guilt that if they go too far. i try to help them. i try so hard. but the still do it.Your still living everyday and that means that theres something out there waiting for you. And you dont need to take that away.
i love you guys so much.
Please just stop.

Nothing is more beauti ful than
a smile that's struggled through tears.

I have insecurities, of course,
but I don't hang out with anyone
who points them out to me.

[     ~Adele    <<<]

"Isn't it funny
how day by day
nothing changes
but when we look
back everything
is so different..."




You are my first
My last
My everything


I walked by my brothers room and this is what i heard
Brother#1: stop stop!!
Brother#2: I'll never ever stop!
Brother#1: But you do it to hard 
Me: uh guys? what's going on?
Brother#1: He keeps punching me
Me: ???????

Me:*looks at someone's test to see if they got the wrong answers so i could laugh at there dumbness *

Me:*getting caught*

Teacher:Ailyn are you cheating?

Me:oh no you got it all wrong ,ya see i was trying to see if she had the wrong answers

Teacher :??????

next day

i got a 0
the other girl got a 100

Brother: Mommy im bleeding i need a bandaid
Mommy: Sorry sweety we dont have any
Brother: Yes we do, There's s some right their
(points at Maxi Pads)
Me: yep those are bandaids alright ,there just not for you
Brother: Shut up,I was talking to mommy. Mommy you will let me use them right?