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I ended 2011 watching Despicable Me. Here I am in 2013, starting year with watching none other than Despicable Me.
Watching Grown-Ups with my cousins 16-18 years old. My little cousins pass by. 

Little Cousin #1: It's Luke from Jesse! 
Older Cousin #1: Wow. Baby. 
Little Cousin #2: IT'S CHINA FROM A.N.T FARM!!
Older Cousin #2: Oh my go-
I believe in someone who doesn't
believe in herself. Am I crazy?
How DARE you blame the
shooting on God?! He created us, he has a right to take away our lives. Maybe YOU'RE the reason those kids died. Maybe God is getting SICK AND TIRED of us all so he's trying to wake us up!
All I wanted for Christmas were some boxes to unwrap. There didn't have to be anything in them, I just wanted something to unwrap.
Everyone says that you don't understand what its like to be depressed. You're right. I don't. My friend has depression, but do you know what that's like? Do you know what its like to have someone push you away? Do you know what its like to be there for that person all the time, and still have that person say you're the reason she wants to kill herself? Do you know what its like to always stick up for her, always listen and never judge, never listening to the cruel things she tells you because it might be her depression talking, and at the end of the day she still wants a better friend? DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT HURTS?
Can someone just listen, please?
My mom tried cooking something my dad always makes and it turned out bad.
Mom: Hey, sweetie, whats the word you use when someone tells on you a lot?
Me: Tattletale?
Just then my brother decides to come back in the room.
Brother: You didn-
Brother: You d-
Brother: He didn't get mad at y-
Brother: I am not.
Mom: Are you?
Brother: No.
Mom: Alright.... TATTLETALE
Today, I'm thankful for everyone that's ever hated me. I'm thankful for those who made fun of me, brought me down, or made me cry. All those people that have never believed in me? I'm thankful for them. Why? Because without those people, I'd be just like them.