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Quotes by beautifultradgity

she addicted to the pain, the bloods her favorite drug..... </3
people say love is the slowest form of suicide well then baby im on the edge, two steps till death. so baby just hold me a lil tighter a kiss me a lil longer beause you never know how long this will last

mineee;;no jockiin plz & thnk ya
Thre goes that pistol to my temple
sorry my bloods staining your floor
fruit hangs from trees
an you hang with your friends
i hang with a rope around
my kneck,scearming
for you to come save me</3
hands shakin,minds racing,
 my hearts beating out of control.
tears form in my eyes
and you keep telling me your stupid lies
, this wasnt how things where suppose to go,
my hearts breakin and the tears
fall you say your sorry but i dont
see how all this time you
could lie to me four months
of wated time four months of lies
apparently you loved her more
so much for forever
we're no longer together
 and your starting to feel the guilt
but hunny im done
for you i wont cry anymore

miineee,,no jockkin please
thanks ya'll

you can [[close]] your [[eyes]]
 to the things you dont want
to see [[but]]you[[cant]]
[[ close]] your
 [[heart]] to the things you dont want to [[feel

i walk through these halls
with a smile on my face
and a glow in my eyes
but truthfully inside
im fiding back tears
hiding the true me,
the  broken down and bruised,
all the pain ive gone
through noone knows,
-divored parents
-broken relationships
-lost friends
-and a cut wrist
im not perfect so
stop treating me
like i am i have 
flaws and you will
soon see
these flaw are 
overcoming me
the voices are 
getting lounder 
and i cant shut them up 
the cuttings getting 
deeper  and soon you will
see the flaws are over coming
me. . .

no jocking,,all miinee,,true feelings

il go to sleep and close my eyes and dream of my angels tonight, they save me from the pain and the hurt. i cant stop screaming i cant stop crying i cant stop cutting, oh god i feel like im dying the voices in my head wont leave me alone, angels oh angels please take me home!

not finished,,on writers block,,anyone help,,juss comment,,annn no jocking plzzzzz these r my tru feelings