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 Hello there gorgeous

Well,for the ones who are interested I am Anastasia:) I came to this strange planet 13 years ago and I blow out my candles on 15th May(any twins?)
I am Greek and I can speak Greek,English,Italian and veeeeery little French,
I love One Direction,Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.Thanks to witty I learnt about Cher Lloyd,Ed Sheeran and Little Mix.

For more information comment on my profile:D
So,until the next time live while you are young and stay beautiful :*

Quotes by becarefree

When I say that our society is bad
and then there is someone who says ''We are society''.
Man, I am referring to some specific people that are part of society.

Is it only me or..
does it sound strange when you hear elderly people swearing?

                                        The best things in life aren't even things.
 \\\\\tell me with your mind,body and spirit//////
I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are british
 whet her    we  're  toget her  f rom   t he start
~we  can  bot h   remove   t he   masks~
and   adm i t  we   regret   i t   form   t he   start .    
me before becoming a directioner:omg look at those names!How will I memorise them?...
me now:I swear these are Liam's fingerprints!
*my mum's logic*
my mum:
oh my god Anastasia,you are so ill!Let me take a temperature.Hurry!Go under these blankets and stay there like forever!Wear and these really warm clothes.Just a second, I am calling the doctor.Drink hot milk while you are waiting for the results.Maybe I need to take you to the hospital!

*during the lesson*
teacher:no one will talk now,please.So let's..
classmate:you are talking right?

me every morning: I am so sorry but I have to leave...
my bed: Nooo,it's too cold outsde for angels to fly.
Sometimes I wish that   

      Niall Horan had his old teeth

                     so that he would show people that you don't need perfection to shine<3

And what if
right now,yes the time we are talking,a new Niall Horan/Einstein/Justin Bieber/Neil Armstrong or Pablo Picasso is born?Yes,take a moment to think about that possibility.