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 Hello there gorgeous

Well,for the ones who are interested I am Anastasia:) I came to this strange planet 13 years ago and I blow out my candles on 15th May(any twins?)
I am Greek and I can speak Greek,English,Italian and veeeeery little French,
I love One Direction,Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.Thanks to witty I learnt about Cher Lloyd,Ed Sheeran and Little Mix.

For more information comment on my profile:D
So,until the next time live while you are young and stay beautiful :*

Quotes by becarefree

Imagine witty had it's own school in every country all over the world.
1)Music would be played from speakers inside the school all the time.
2)Ipods,mp3,mp4 and phones would all be accepted.
3)There would be no bullying/bullies.Only peace.
4)We would have an extra ''witty'' lesson,where we would analyze lyrics,quotes and we would help each other to get a top quote.
5)Chocolate and Nutella would be added at lunch.
6)We would wear pink on Wednesdays.
7)We wouldn't wear uniforms.Only what we like without being judged.
8)If we had good grades school would give as free tickets to the concert of our singer/band.
9)We would take photos all the time trying to make ''memories''

the ''witty school'' would be the BEST
*me seeing that outside it's cold*
Me:Yaayyy time to wear my uggs,hoodies,jeans and my scarf!
Me:*wears them all day*Ok, now I am bored.I want my shorts again.

I miss the days,


this is really
starnge in your eyes,isn't it?
(the over-used format is pink that's why ;D)

it is just ridiculous
how everyone says that One Direction's  or Justin's songs
have no meaning.
And YET they don't say anything about Nicki Minaj's songs
which are only swearing words.

*my sister trying to find  scissors*
My sister:Dad,where are the scissors?
Dad: I don't know,  maybe where we put them....
My sister: O.o
One Direction.
only their name and start fangirling and going crazy?
Hahahahahaha me too.    
*my friend trying to comfort me*
Friend:Just look  at the bright side!
Me: Could you give me an example?
Friend: ...
Me:Yes,that's right.There is no bright side.
*some years ago*
America: I am very cool! Everyone listens to my music;)
England: HAHAHA what know??
I wish I had a friend that knew:
-Who Steve is
-What suicide means
-Who Avalanna is
-All the inside jokes we have
-Who Jenna Marbles is
-How much we love unicorns and dinosaurs
-What music means to us
-That people have many problems that they hide
-How awful society is

I wish I had a witty friend in          real             life <3
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